WirelessGate Prepaid SIM

01.About Service

■Plan Description (The contents of the plan is depending on the SIM card, to change a plan and SIM size is not available.)

Service Specification
Plan Name Available
Data Volume(※2)
Period of Use Maximum Communication Speed(※1)
(Best Effort)
Supported SIM Size
1GB Plan 1GB From the next day of the application to the service
to 23:59 of the 14th day
Maximum Download Speed 150Mbps
Maximum Upload Speed 50Mbps
2GB Plan 2GB From the next day of the application to the service
to 23:59 of 30th day
3GB Plan 3GB From the next day of the application to the service
to 23:59 of 60th day

 (※1)Maximum speed of LTE connection of which actual speed may vary depending on the using circumstances and communication environment.
 (※2)Even within using period, if you consumed "Available Data Volume,"
           the communication service becomes unavailable instantly.

■About Service/ Communication Specification

(Service Specification)
・Data communication only, not including voice communication service.
・A mail address is not provided.
・SMS / MMS is not available.
・If you change SIM card, terms and conditions shall not continue.
・Apply to the service within activation period displayed on the package of SIM card.
・SIM card is not the subject to the return and replacement after the activation period regardless it is used or not.
・It is out of warranty of this company in case of SIM card cutting and SIM adaptor using.
   At your own risk.
・Even if using SIM card of this company causes problems such as a malfunction of your device
   This company shall never be liable.
・Default Pin Code is "0000."
   Please refer to the User Instruction of your device for the setting method of PIN Code.

(Communication Specification)
・It is provided by Best Effort Method, actual communication speed may vary
   depending on the communication environment and network trafic condition.
・This service assignes private IP address. It is not intended to warranty the operation
   of all applications and services.
・This service is a data communication service using LTE and 3G network of DoCoMo.
 ≪Available Methos and Supported Frequency Band≫
  XI LTE:Band1(2100MHz),Band19(800MHz),Band21(1500MHz),
                  Band3(1800MHz:But only in Tokyo / Nagoya / Osaka)
  FOMA 3G(W-CDMA/HSPA):Band1(2100MHz),Band19(800MHz)
・Available areas of this service are the same as those of LTE and 3G of DoCoMo.
 (Please refer to the home page of DoCoMo for the coverage area.)
・This service does not enable to use i-mode® and sp-mode® which are offered by DoCoMo.
・This service does not support international roaming service, only for domestic use.

(Supported Device)
This service is generally available for devices which meet the following conditions.
・Devices which support DoCoMo Xi(R) or FOMA(R) network
・Devices with Technical Conformity Mark
・Meet the required environment for application operation (Android2.3.3 or later / iOS6.1 or later)

■Requirements for the Service Use

・"SIM card Package"
・"Data communication devices which support LTE or 3G and conform to technical standard (with technical conformity mark)"

■About band limit (speed limit)

We may restrict the speed of the communication (250kbps or below) or the use of the service to ensure the fairness among customers,
when we find the following facts.

・Data communication using communication means which occupy bandwidth continuously and massively
   such as a file exchange (P2P) application.
・Large capacity download in a short period, which affects the use of other customers.

■About Service Use Period

・The service is expired when data volume set in the plan is consumed or expiration date arrives,
 and the service becomes no longer available automatically. No cancellation procedure is needed.
・SIM card cannot be used after the service expired.