WirelessGate Prepaid SIM

04.FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Q. What is the WIRELESS PREPAID SIM service?
The WIRELESS PREPAID SIM is a versatile data communications service for use anywhere in Japan. It offers the coverage of Japan’s premier NTT DoCoMo 4G LTE/3G mobile networks and access to the WirelessGate 40 000+ WiFi (WLAN) hotspot network, supporting all your roaming travel needs in a single SIM service.
Q. Are all registered services of NTT DoCoMo available using the WIRELESS PREPAID SIM?
No. The WIRELESS PREPAID SIM does utilize Japan’s NTT DoCoMo LTE/3G networks for mobile communications but the service does not support the use of any other registered services of NTT DoCoMo (like i-mode®, sp-mode® mail services, or docomoID® information services).
Q. Are there any specific requirements necessary to purchase the WIRELESS PREPAID SIM?
You may be required to submit a copy of official traveler documentation, such as a passport, as a form of identity and travel status verification.
Q. Are there any specific requirements necessary to use the WIRELESS PREPAID SIM?
There are some important requirements relating to the WIRELESS PREPAID SIM.
(1)Users must have a device that is unlocked (SIM lock free).
(2)The device must be compatible with the Japanese 4G LTE band frequencies (Band 1) 2100 MHz, (Band 19) 800 MHz, (Band 21) 1500 MHz or (Band 3) 1800 MHz※ (※only some metro areas in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya), or 3G WCDMA/HSPA (Band 1) 2100 MHz or (Band 19) 800 MHz.
(3)The device must have a regulatory compliance mark for use in Japan.
Q. Can I use the WIRELESS PREPAID SIM immediately upon arrival in Japan?
Yes. You can use the service immediately by configuring your device settings (APN).
Q. I purchased the SIM card. And do I apply for service in forever?
Please refer to the sign up of service before opening the expiration date to the SIM card.
Even unused the SIM card after opening expiration date arrives, you can not be returned or exchanged.
Q. Please tell us about the use procedure of SIM card service.
Please check than below page.

Q. Can I make phone calls from my device using the WIRELESS PREPAID SIM?
No. The WIRELESS PREPAID SIM is a data service only. Phone calls, SMS and MMS are voice services and not supported.
Q. Should I cancel the WIRELESS PREPAID SIM when finished using it?
No. It is not necessary to cancel the service. The WIRELESS PREPAID SIM automatically expires when the service validity elapses.
Q. Can any other person, other than the purchaser/service subscriber, use the WIRELESS PREPAID SIM?
No. The terms of use do not permit the use by (including the lending, renting or reselling to) a third party.
Q. Can you change, or migrate between WIRELESS PREPAID SIM service plans?
No. Changing, or migrating between WIRELESS PREPAID SIM service plans is not supported.
Q. Do you have support ?
Yes. We are available for your phone support window corresponding to the English.

[Call center]
A day, seven days a week 10:00 to 18:00 (it becomes Japan time)

(2) the communication specifications and corresponding terminal 

Q. Where can I use this service?
You can use this service anywhere you can access the NTT DoCoMo 4G LTE/3G mobile networks and/or any one of the WirelessGate 40000+ WiFi (WLAN) hotspots located throughout Japan. NTT DoCoMo coverage details can be found on the NTT DoCoMo website (in Japanese only). The WirelessGate App provides an in-App hotspot search feature.
Q. Does the service work outside Japan?
No. It is for use in Japan only. International roaming is not supported.
Q. Can I tethering?
With regard to tethering, it has not been in the limit us.
Tethering will be function of the terminal that you use, so please check to the terminal provider.
※ For smartphone terminal that has been sold from NTT DoCoMo, not available.
Q. Please tell me the corresponding terminal.
We are not able to guarantee for all work, but if they meet the following conditions, There can be get available.
・NTT DoCoMo Xi®LTE or FOMA®3G that the network is the corresponding terminal
・Technical Conformity that mark is a display marked with terminal
・App operating environment (Android2.3.3 more /iOS6.1 or more) that you meet the
Q. Please tell me the frequency band that supports.
"Xi" LTE: Band 1 (2100MHz) / Band 19 (800MHz) / Band 21 (1500MHz) / Band 3 (1800MHz, ※ Tomei Osaka only)
3G (WCDMA / HSPA): Band 1 (2100MHz) / Band 19 (800MHz)
Q. Can I use in the 2G or GSM-compatible terminal?
No. Not available.

(3)SIM card 

Q. Is it possible to resize the SIM card?
No, you can not. Before SIM purchase, please check the SIM size of your own terminal (mini / micro / nano)
Q. Is it possible to return, refund, exchange, or reissue a purchased service package?
No it is not possible, under any circumstances.
Q. If SIM card was initial defective?
Please consult to the SIM card of purchase.
Q. Can I set a PIN code onto the SIM?
Yes, a PIN can be set. The default PIN code for the WIRELESS PREPAID SIM is 0000. Refer to the original documentation that came with your device for the correct information on setting PIN codes. As a precautionary measure, we highly recommended that you record any re-set PIN code. We will be unable to assist you to unlock the SIM should you forget the re-set PIN code.
Q. What should I do with the WIRELESS PREPAID SIM when finished using it?
Return used SIM cards to us by post. Mark envelopes to the attention of the ‘SIM Kaishu Tanto’ and address to:
5F Tennozu Yusen Building,
2-2-20 Higashi Shinagawa,
Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0002
Q. What happens if I am unable to return with the WIRELESS PREPAID SIM when finished using it?
Nothing. You will not be charged if you are unable to return the SIM card to us.